Mobile Game Development

For nearly a decade, mobile game development in India has been a steadily growing field.

With the increasing number of mobile platforms and their capabilities, games have become an essential component of a mobile device.

Smartphones are already powerful enough to compete for gamers’ attention.

As a result, mobile games now account for 51% of total gaming revenue worldwide.

Game development is difficult enough, but creating amazing and memorable projects necessitates a professional approach.

Why choose only dvijinfotech:

Java was once the most popular platform for mobile games, but due to performance limitations, more complex games had to use native binary format.

Our developer has created mobile games that can run on a wide range of platforms and technologies.

Dvijinfotech mobile game developer team Collaborates with designers, product managers, and backend engineers to create user experiences that are seamless across all mobile apps.

Our experienced developer works as a publisher, able to set and build layouts from PSD files created by a Graphic Designer.

Our most recent announcements cover tools and services to help you develop faster, reach more screens, and increase your go-to-market success.