Software Testing Services

What we do

Helping businesses deliver secure and bug free apps with our QA and testing services

Quality Assurance and Software Testing Company

To ensure the deliverables meet the most rigorous quality standards, ThePlanetSoft have ISTQB certified QA experts to provide quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications. Our engineers work directly with your team to develop consistent and efficient end to end processes to deliver productive, high performance and bug free applications.

Our assurance is to provide quality testing services irrespective of the size or complexity of the projects. Our software testing engineers work with the latest tools and technology to deliver the best results for our clients.

Reimagine User Experiences with Our Quality Assurance Services

We leverage our QA expertise to furnish software testing services by employing dedicated teams. A dedicated team divulges with the client and collaborates with client’s personnels to work entirely on a single project.

The projects require quintessential resource scalability and project retention and hence this approach has demonstrated effectiveness for mid- and long-term projects. Here below are the QA services we offer at MindInventory:

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Cross Browser and Compatibility Testing
  • API Testing Services

Key Benefits ofQA TestingServices

Create Higher Quality Products with QA and Software Testing Services

QA and Software Testing adds value and highly impacts your brand’s stature. To deliver a beneficial QA analysis and testing solution, A process is defined that helps to deliver the quality project by the domain expertise who perform end to end testing for web and mobile applications. Some of the key benefits are:

Error and Bug Free Launching

It is significant to deliver high quality and bug free software to enhance the integrity and credibility of the organization. The business owners will be viable in boosting the profits as well as the growth with the help of Quality Assurance in place.

Better User Experience

Regardless of the type of application that is created, smooth user experience is integral. The software tester creates a valuation from various software aspects and the prospect of the end-user. When a software is tested meticulously, results in a satisfied user- experience.

Enhance Software Development Process

The adoption of Agile Methodologies for retraining the time and cost for software development is quite perceivable. The Agile methodologies recognized the QA Testing Process as a prominent part in software development life cycle resulting in combined effort of testers and developers to execute the tests continuously.

Nurture Efficiency and Productivity

With QA processes in place and developed end to end test cases for complete coverage of the functional and non functional aspects, there remains no place for the chaos of malfunctioning software, hurried fixes and frantic communication.

Rise to Marketing and Sales

When the software application is found to be flawless, it becomes elementary for the organization to promote the application confidently. To sell the application at ease, the owners can emphasize over quality and smooth user experience.