What we do

SkyRocket Your Brand with our E-commerce & Retail Solutions.

ThePlanetSoft, your online digital catalyst is the master craftsmen in creating outstanding and unique mobile e-commerce solutions to put your business in the driving seat. Streamline your business requirements and boost your relationship with potential customers to create healthy opportunities with expert tips on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system; a great asset for expanding the business prospects.

Trusted Web App Development Company

As a leading web development company, we always create robust, secure, custom web application with high scalability. According to the need of product, we use open source technology to develop a product with high quality standard. We help you stand out in this digital world by providing bespoke web development solutions.

Since 2014, ThePlanetSoft has been developing futuristic website and web applications that take businesses to greater heights. Our highly skilled web developers adopted a customer focused approach by upgrading their self to latest web technology like ReactJS, Angular, Node.js, Laravel, Golang and many others.


  • Customised e-Commerce Solution for Retailers
  • Multi-Vendors Retail App
  • Enterprise Mobility Solution for Retailers & Online Businesses
  • Inventory Management System
  • Sales Management SystemSales Management System
  • POS Solutions


In order to give your customers’ best digital experience, we design and develop ecommerce mobile apps that give your users engaging and real time shopping experience as well as helps to retain and allure them to revisit your app frequently. Our ecommerce mobile apps help your business to create an online marketplace to attract multiple vendors to online sell their different product brands.

  • Seamless UI
  • Multi-Currency
  • Product reviews
  • Reports & analytics
  • Social media integration
  • Simple inventory management
  • Highly secured payment methods
  • Display and track shopping items
  • Advanced products search criteria/filters
  • Complete security includes transactions and payment
  • Personalised option to send offers, sale and other announcements
  • E-Catalogues
  • Order tracking
  • Products Gallery
  • Multilingual support
  • Multiple purchase options
  • User-friendly app navigation
  • Unlimited products & categories
  • Easy shopping cart administration
  • Store-map for holistic shopping experience
  • Price check, product availability, price comparison

Delve Your Business Deep into Digital E-commerce & Retail Pool.

As a retailer, you know that the experience is everything. Your customers not only want great products but also highly personalised shopping experience. Our digital solutions help you optimise efficiency across the value chain by making your business more responsive to customer needs while providing accelerators to your current processes. Along with putting your presence online, we can also help you with the:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Connected Stores
  • Marketing
  • Custom solutions